The following is the substance of a sermon preached by John Vyrnwy Morgan at First Baptist Church, Omaha, Nebraska, in April 1899: ” It was not a Puritan but a Roman Catholic who said : ‘No religion without worship and no worship without a Sabbath’. But in the background of the subject there is a […]

The death of Thomas Langdon, first pastor of the Stone Chapel, Leeds, marked the end of their pioneer period. Through his work and witness, Langdon had carved out a place for the Baptists in the life of Leeds. Calvinistic in doctrine, and distinguished from other churches in the town by their insistence that true Baptism […]

Bradford Congregationalism can trace its origins to Leeds, however, Leeds Baptists may trace their origin to the efforts of William Crabtree, minister of Westgate Chapel, Bradford. Converted from a life of sin under the preaching of William Grimshaw, the evangelical curate of Haworth, Crabtree became deacon of the Baptist Church at Wainsgate, near Hebden Bridge, […]

The Wesleys and their associates held an Arminian view of salvation. That is, that the death of Jesus Christ made it possible for all people to be saved, if they trust in Him. George Whitfield, their Oxford contemporary, held the older view associated with the French Reformer John Calvin, that Jesus Christ died for a […]

‘…and they shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more’. – Micah 4:3.

“No patriotism is worth the name that cannot be described by the words of our text: ‘They Seek a Better Country’. It is not what nations are, but what they may become, which is to be their inspiration. And it ought to be recognised with ease that the things on which they pride themselves are […]

Sat. 12 July 1777 – We dined at Llandilo. After dinner we walked in Mr Rice’s Park, one of the pleasantest I ever saw; it is so finely watered by the winding river running through and round the gently rising hills. Near one side of it, on the top of a high eminence is the […]